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primerica Reviews

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  • Do your research.

    I feel like if you are looking to get rich quick you need a reality check. People fail because they are not doing their homework. $99 Primerica charges is not an "enrollment" fee. This is your independent business application you pay just as if you are already doing to the government to pay for your business licence. Primerica trains you for FREE and has you signed up and learning in an accredited course to prepare you for your provincial exam like any other investment, mutual funds or insurance broker has to obtain before making profit off of any work they do. If you do no take... More...
    aaaaaaaaaal's Picture   aaaaaaaaaal    0 Comments   Comments
  • Interview

    This company's gotta be a joke.. The guy who interviewed me didn't even ask for a resume and offered me to join the company and start my training for $99. He was also talking about opening up numerous new offices in the future when there are already 50 existing ones in the region (that makes a lot of sense for the business, haha). He also suggested me to recruit my family and friends to join my team once I started working (none of them have experience in selling insurance, go figure). Of course I refused and walked away. Stay away people, they just wanna make a quick buck from you. More...
    nomadynasty's Picture   nomadynasty    0 Comments   Comments
  • The REAL TRUTH...can you handle it?

    Primerica is a GREAT company! Check out the stock on the New York Stock Exchange! This company was started by teachers and coaches- not SALES GUYS! No need to be "overly professional looking when you have the plain TRUTH on you side. Most people that work at banks are "pretty" people who know nothing about money- but look good. In Primerica it's "People Helping People"! DUH!!! What's wrong with people today????? They hate "sales" people but yet they'd rather be SOLD than EDUCATED!!!! Primerica IS the LARGEST FINANCIAL SERVICES... More...
    frambo's Picture   frambo    2 Comments   Comments
  • I WAS DECEIVED - My Hotwire Itinerary: 6763381643

    I bought a stay through website - Itinerary 6763381643 and checked in at the hotel today and for my surprise, this is not what I had purchased from your website. I was deceived by you!!! %u2022 This Hotel Del Sol has 2 stars, while I bought a 3 star hotel from website. %u2022 The Hotel Del Sol is not located in the District of Union Square %u2013 which is where I bought it %u2013, but in the Marina District. %u2022 The references room images that were shown in the website during my purchase are completely different from what I found at the Hotel Del Sol.... More...
  • Primerica Nightmares

    The dream job and your dream vacation and all the easy money in promises, because depend on you and blah, blah, blah... THEY are very good to open your mind, and your wallet. When you are inside and they have all your information and your friends and family information also... be ready or enjoy all the nice talking and smiles. Later you WILL BE just another number in their accounts $$$ More...
    NOBOcomp's Picture   NOBOcomp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Make sense

    I have read many reviews, and must say some people should keep their untrue comments to themselves. First, each state has different guidelines as to recruiting. Some states provides a temporary license where you can make money right when you start. Second, the insurance policies are excellent. They may not have the cheapest rate, but what's the ole saying (you get what you pay for). 3) Most sales companies wants you to recruit. How will you make money if you don't hire people to eventually work for you. Lastly, I had a friend, who husband past, and Primerica paid a great amount of... More...
    Michelle31210's Picture   Michelle31210    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bunch of SCAMMERS!!

    Your company is good for one thing....SCAMMING!! If you guys had any sense, you would stop trying to scam the DC area. Everyone has heard of you and no one wants what you have to offer. I thought pyramid scams died after Madoff, but I guess they are still alive and kicking!! A word of advice: WHENEVER YOU HEAR OF PRIMERICA, RUUUN!! More...
    mrichardson's Picture   mrichardson    7 Comments   Comments
  • Primerica is not a Scam

    My husband and I were refereed by a friend for their services. What they offered was common sense by educating us. My husband has read tons of financial books and what we needed was that nudge from Primerica to get our finances in order. It's very similar to the Dave Ramsey model. My husband was recruited part time and after going to the convention I learned its going to take time for him to be profitable and he is going to have to work hard at it. You would have to be a dummy not to at least hear them out when it comes to the services they offer. The business is not for everyone. More...
    nparksntx's Picture   nparksntx    0 Comments   Comments
  • Primerica refusing to change my name on my account

    I am sick and tired of jumping through your damned hoops! I have filled out your downloadable CHANGE NAME FORM, I have sent you notarized copies of my court ordered name change, I have answered and verified all security and personal account info questions. You know who the hell I am. Yet you refuse to change the name on my account and are depriving me of closing my account with you and transfering funds to another IRA financial investment company. I have filed SEC complaints, BBB complaints, and am actively pursuing filing complaints EVERYWHERE I CAN on the Internet until you release my... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Rachel0009's Picture   Rachel0009    0 Comments   Comments
  • best opp

    primerica is deffinently the best bussiness opportunitie in america today, just to have a change to start a legitement business in financial services with a low investment cost is great. which mean i have a chance to own my business and i dont have to be like the avreage person to work in someone's job for 40 years. and remember as a men or women you cant blame someone else for your failure weather its in business, marriage in life in general because at the end of the day quiters never win and winners never quit. More...
    cezzy's Picture   cezzy    1 Comments   Comments
  • Omg

    I don't get it why people complain about Primerica went Primerica is a legal company that helps people the poor people ! This haters if u pay attention the complain but the never worked for the company not a single one had work for the company they all went to the interview and thats it ! They all complain about the 99 dollars they have to pay to check the background but 99 dollars is nothing and they got the money back after they are approve to work for the company these people are a bunch of cheap asses More...
    Nene's Picture   Nene    5 Comments   Comments
  • Very irate

    I interviewed and was hired by Primerica, when I decided that it wasn't for me, I asked for a refund of the $99 they asked me to pay for background checks. I patiently waited the 3-5 business days they said it would take, and when I received my check, it was only for $69. I am a student, I could hardly afford the $99 for the background check, and once I learned more about the company, I didn't feel like it was for me. I expected to receive a full refund for the background checks. When I tried to call their service number, I just got a busy signal. I will not ever work for this... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    peterpan0809's Picture   peterpan0809    10 Comments   Comments
  • What a Scam

    Fake insurance sellers. Do you know all the people who work for you? This is a outrage the rep told me that she worked for your company and her "boss" does too how. I have called the 1800number and there is little way for a person to know if a rep. actually works for primerica only by zip code but if the client does not know the actual zip of the rep how will 1 know if someone works for you. More...
  • What A SCAM

    I let a primerica representative into my home and signed my name on the dotted line. My ss my childrens ss numbers all on this paper. The rep was a scammer. She said that she was selling insurance for Primeica and her "boss" was out on business. If your in houston or lousiana watch out for Ashley Smith and David Smith. The woman has a pink corvette you cant miss her More...
    shontale's Picture   shontale    3 Comments   Comments
  • Primerica is dishonest

    Primerica failed to execute the investment direction we asked for and ended up locking us in for 7 years!!! AND now they have the balls to want to penalize us for their incompetence. They also got us to cash out a whole life policy from a competitor to invest with them and ended up losing a huge chunk of it. I'm told by the umbsmen that this is their style. Primerica is not honest and will lie and invent to get out of their scam. STAY AWAY they train their agent to take advantage of people and they don't even know they are doing it. If you are thinking of becoming a client,... More...
    gothad's Picture   gothad    5 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Business Recruiting Tactics! BEWARE!

    A friend of mine and new Primerica recruit invited me to meet with his rep. because the “rep. claimed said she wanted to know more about my business.” So, I agreed to meet with this Primerica Rep., because at least this way I’d be doing a little business of my own and could help out my friend. He asked if I would go to the meeting too, but I declined. I had a 1099 business, and wasn’t looking for more. I’m doing awesome. After meeting the Rep. I was shuffled into a room full of others to watch the presentation I declined from the start, after the woman said she... More...
  • Love Love Primerica

    Primerica is an amazing company ESPECIALLY during this crazy economy. If you go on BBB it's A++, it is #1 on the NYSE, most businesses have debt and Primerica is a debt free company therefore it's not like their educating families about their debt but are in their own. They let you know how to retire EARLY, get out of debt, and save money!! People are crazy not to just get the information. They changed my life and are paying me a GREAT salary. It's hope and opportunity for people to have a great life and be successful. You would be crazy to pass up a great opportunity! P.S I... More...
    alexmoni24's Picture   alexmoni24    3 Comments   Comments
  • Freedom

    I was approached my a Primerica representative who is now one of my great friends.I did start off part time pretty young as well with in 2 months i made that commitment to full time, This is an amazing my husband & I have amazing freedom because of primerica. I believe we have a very trustworthy & morally correct office. we have never gone through a phone book or cold calls nothing like that all of my clients have been refered. When i do get recruits if they say no then no next...ive never hounded a recruit or client. im sorry u all have had these terrible experiences but i knw my... More...
    cc09's Picture   cc09    0 Comments   Comments
  • Primerica recruiting

    My college-age daughter was called by a Primerica representative this morning who asked her to come in for an interview for a part-time office position. When she arrived for the interview, she was ushered into a presentation about doing sales for the company. When she found out how she had been mislead, she tried to leave, but the front door was locked. She was essentially forced to stay for a nearly 2-hour presentation. If this is the way this company recruits employees, I feel very sorry for those unfortunate individuals who actually pay the $5000 for their "financial services." More...
    jgandrus's Picture   jgandrus    15 Comments   Comments
  • Great Company

    I think that Primerica is a great company, give people the opportunity of financial grow and to be financially independent, but the wrong information given by lets call them “Primerica REPS”, changes everything. But if you focus in the products they offer and not in the “REPS”, you will see that they are good products, they make you feel better by knowing that the future of your family, your retirement, the school of your kids, and more important to learn how money works and make it work for you and protect your annual income by a life insurance. Just remember... More...
    wenbor23's Picture   wenbor23    0 Comments   Comments
  • problems

    i bought a magicjack on the advertising of phone service at 20.00 a year. well, my magicjack quit working. after 2 months. they want 38.00 to help. well my money is almost none. and why do i want to pay when i already paid to have service. well, after much ado i finally figured out the passcode that they sent me after weeks of trying. the magic jack will ring on receving a call, but you cannot hear anyone.and you cannot call out. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    l1947bonnie's Picture   l1947bonnie    3 Comments   Comments
  • Untrustworthy

    I allowed a Primerica Rep to come to my home. After the meeting and information was taken down I had noticed some of my accounts were being hacked into. After research it was the Rep from Primerica that did the hacking. It alarms me that this company hires people like that. The individual that hacked also got a promotion. Doesn't seem right. Might want to screen your possible candidates better. More...
    Dragonsfly's Picture   Dragonsfly    3 Comments   Comments
  • Strange

    I just started with Primerica and I am happy so far. I listened to the opportunity they were presenting and it seemed too good to be true. Before going to my first meeting I looked them up on the internet. I found it was definitely a real company and what they were doing was right up my alley. They help people. Not only will I learn how to get out of debt, I can help others. I was hired today and I am excited to start training. I don't know how many people actually read the contracts but I did. Every word. As long as I follow up with my end of the bargain, like any other job, they will... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    CarmenPRI's Picture   CarmenPRI    4 Comments   Comments
  • All I have is hmmmm

    I have read many of the reviews and I am really concerned about the amount of things I am reading. My husband told me a few days ago that his brothers friend was training for this company and that they wanted to do a trial run with us (I thought ok whatever) after sitting down with them and him not even knowing the information (reading it off the paper) and would not let the trainee talk and this rep trying to recruit my husband (who does not have a car or a lic.) I felt like everything I heard was just a way to not really help people with their finances but just to recruit people. I will... More...
  • Answered prayer

    I would just like to say that my husband was a coach and teacher in a Christian school for many years making only $35,000/yr, but it was also his ministry. We sacrificed a lot so he could make a difference. Well when the school closed down (because of finances) we knew we had to do something different. That is when we started with Primerica. We saw the potential to have our own business and also continue to make a positive impact in society. We help families out of debt.. we teach and educate them on how money really works. This company is good and honest and we would never go back to... More...
    SLOS's Picture   SLOS    0 Comments   Comments
  • Perfect Opportunity

    Hi, I can't see how people can get on the internet and blast a company that does what is right for their clients more than any other company in our country today. This company has been around for 33 years and has been doing GREAT business ever since. Sure you may run into bad agents every now and again and they get dealt with. What are you going to do? People fall through the cracks. This company was made for highly motivated, ambitious people who want to change their lives and want to do something great with their lives while they are still here. This company was made for the... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    sinsear80's Picture   sinsear80    2 Comments   Comments
  • best so called scam ever

    well, let me start off by saying this is not a scam. This is the best company to work for. I stay away from these blogs but i feel it important that people get the right impression about the business. Yes it requires work, and yes it requires time, and of course it requires money; however, when was the last time you worked somewhere and you didnt have the same requirements. This business is not for everybody, but for those who want to change their lives for generations to come, this is where you need to be. If you are not sure, try it yourself. You will find out that the only reason it... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    tmPOSSABEL's Picture   tmPOSSABEL    2 Comments   Comments
  • Stay away from this company

    Primerica will not stop bothering me and now they are trying to make me feel like I'm stupid. They're very high pressure and will not take a simple no thanks for an answer. They tried to get me to sign up and I said no so they decided to sell me Insurance that I don't need. They tell me my Insurance is bad and the one they have is the BEST. They are the only company that has GOOD Insurance! I was not born yesterday. So if they are the ONLY good ones why are they not on the news and headlining the papers? I do not want to be pushed into something I don't want and... More...
    golight's Picture   golight    5 Comments   Comments
  • Primeri-no

    Listen. I will not dispute primerica offers services such as life insurance, financial securities, etc. However, their multi-level strategy sucks. A few years ago, the opportunity was presented to me and I avoided it like the H1N1 flu, but a relative recruited me to try it out. (What a mistake) This company's primary focus is recruiting. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit. They start you out on a 25 or 30 percent contract. Pennies in comparison with other companies commission structure and they require you to have your upline written business for you until you get licensed. They could careless... More...
    RUSAVED's Picture   RUSAVED    2 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    I was told this was not a pyramid scheme and that they contacted me because I was referred to them by a friend. While in their office, I observed a guy on the phone making random calls as he flipped through what appeared to be a telephone book and leaving messages to them about how "a friend" referred them to the company. The rep told me I did not need to go to college because I would make more money down the line with their company! The guy said with justa few more people he would get his "promotion" and that he would only receive half of every earning I made... hence... More...
    litldvastr17's Picture   litldvastr17    4 Comments   Comments
  • Tired of being bulldozed

    Friday I get a call from Mark saying he found my resume on the internet and he'd like me to hear about a management opportunity. I tell him I'm not interested because I like what I do. He says that great and goes back into his pitch. I ask him what it pays and he mentions commissions and bonuses, but no numbers. Then he schedules a meeting. I show up early for the meeting. The hand me a clipboard with an application and a pen. The application asks for three character references. I don't carry reference information on me. I refuse to fill it out until he tells me more about... More...
    fdameronut's Picture   fdameronut    1 Comments   Comments
  • Primerica

    Well here's my story my husband has been involved in Primerica for about 60 days now and we have yet to see any of the money he has earned (there is always an excuse as to why we havent seen it) and today we recieved a letter in the mail from the bank saying out checking was in the negative Thanks to Primerica, they took out money for stuff my husband had cancelled they will refund the money but not the extra that the bank is charging for going in the negative! Thanks a lot Primerica More...
    Suckit's Picture   Suckit    6 Comments   Comments
  • Primerica A legit Company

    Primerica is a legitimate company which all of its representatives have to be licensed by the state in which they do business. The compensation is commission based and no one with any criminal background will not be accepted in the company. Just like any other business your income is based on your efforts and your contract level More...
    Perkins's Picture   Perkins    2 Comments   Comments
  • I'm an agent

    Primerica gives oppurtunities to people whose looking for a career, or just for some extra money. They even give oppurtunity to the people who need help with their debt, loans, ect. What other insurance company comes to your home personally, sits down with your and takes the time out to show you every little detail, and answer every last single question that you have? The life insurance is not over priced, basically they give you options on what you would like to pay. So in the end your telling them what you would like to pay, what day you want it to come out of your bank account every... More...
  • That's the real

    " This is what happen in primerica whit the people that work there they only know how to rob people that recruit this is a exmple and this is real" Hi I'm Evelyn (kanr7) I what to know what happen whit my complain that I made the last week I 'm still waiting for a answer from you about the problem whit Julio Salazar (0E05021) probably I need to look for another source of help I can't belive that you support what Julio salazar did to me first Rvp rafael mejia now you why you can answer my email and tell me what happen to you to you company whit people like Julio... More...
    kanr7's Picture   kanr7    6 Comments   Comments
  • Good Products Bad Products

    I am in the middle of being recruited with Primerica. Of course, I am not dumb and therefore am doing my own research on their products. In order to be a successful sales person, you first have to believe in the products you sell and that is why I am doing the research. I want to help people so I MUST be clear whether or not the products WILL in fact help. First I found out that the simple interest mortgage product is definitely NOT a great product because they charge a higher interest rate but to be reasonable, there are people that can benefit from this product. I will just have to... More...
    bbloveuz's Picture   bbloveuz    8 Comments   Comments
  • stay away!

    I was involved with Primerica for about 1 1/2 yrs. and went no where. Yes, it does take a lot of committment but to go and recruit people just for the sake of getting promotions is not right. You're told by RVPs you are the next up and coming RVP and going to make a boatload of $$! When I joined I was told by my RVP if I were to go full time I was to get not only my life license but my securities as well. This past fall put the final chapter in my Primerica episode as I went to a heirarchy event. My RVP was with one of his uplines spouse and completely shunned me from introducing me to... More...
    1pisseddago's Picture   1pisseddago    9 Comments   Comments
  • HELP!

    I am a 18 year old highschool graduate. I am thinking about joining primerica as an agent. My only problem is that I do not know if they are really "ligit" or not i do not want to be a part of a company that will break down a family due to fininacial problems. (as if most of this economy does not have financial problems) so if you know anything on Primerica i would really appreciate your opinion. Thank you More...
    getyourmojoon's Picture   getyourmojoon    20 Comments   Comments
  • The Best!!!

    There's a lot of ignorance of Primerica because they dont use conventional advertising methods. Let me clear it up. First, its NOT a pyramid. Never was. Pyramids charge for admission into the business, not for licenses, and offer no product or service. Pyramids are illegal in the united states and Primerica has been around for 30 years. I think the government would have caught on by now.Plus, Citi group obviously new what they were doing when they purchased them. The only ignorant reason why people accuse them of that is because of the compensation structure, which by the way is... More...

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michele3333 says: (4 years ago)
our company offers cheap loan at a low interest of 3%, we are legit and

reputable company and our vision for you is to get a loan is our

mission. we offer loan ranging from 1000usd to 10,000 000usd. contact

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reorozco says: (6 years ago)
I was an agent and I decide to finish my relationship with the company for two reasons 1) I did sales, the company rejected without explanation 2) My upline one of the best dont support me when I requested 3) My upline did a sales against the interest of the costumer. If you dont receive support from the company and from your upline its better to get another business

action012 says: (7 years ago)
I just wish that they would call it what it is. Its a MLM business opportunity.

When they called me they asked me to come in for a Job interview what a joke no job just like I said business opportunity.


BobbyV says: (7 years ago)
I was a Primerica agent for 5 years. I actually made money and was promoted to Regional Leader. Depending on how you look at it is that you have to recruit to be successful. The products Primerica sells isn't the main product, it is RECRUITING. If you are not a people person Primerica is probably not for you. You will also have to commit to attending weekly 'OPPORTUNITY'meetings and 'TRAINING' meetings. But this was free training by the best trainers in the office to help you build your business, at no cost. You have to be willing to sacrifice a lot of time. I do think Primerica should be more upfront in letting new people know that this is a recruiting business first and selling products is second.

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